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It all started with 6 feet home table on one side of the corner at home. Slowly my work was liked by people and started getting orders. This is how It all started. Slowly and steadily people started buying small products of customized resin art from Artaddiction17-Nirali.

There was a time when order flow increased and workshop inquiries increased too. So it was not possible to manage it from the residential place. That is how Resin Art Studio thought has come and it started.


Now we have all Resin Art products sample at our studio. We are providing offline and online workshops, and video tutorials as well.For product range please refer our product catalog. From earrings to dine-in table, everything is possible from Resin Art Studio.

I Have Been A Passionate Resin Artist.

Self-made self-taught, always involved into art. Since child hood I used to do painting, Canvas painting, pencil Art many other art related work. Before lockdown started Resin Art as hobby. Then slowly slowly as artist she started learning more and more about Resin Art. Now it made my passion The Resin Art.