Resin Molds Set Pendant Trays Diy Jewelry Making Resin Molds Set,Jewelry Casting Molds for Pendant Crafting Diy Jewelry

Brand Resin Art Studio
Color Clear whit
Theme Heart, circle, and others
6 inch square Mould


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VERSATILE SHAPES AND SIZES: The resin jewelry molds boasts an assortment of 5 captivating pendant tray designs including heart, teardrop, round, square, and oval, coupled with a premium silicone resin casting mold featuring diverse shapes for bespoke jewelry creation. Ideal sizes with inner dimensions of 25 x 18mm for the teardrop/oval and 25mm for others accommodate your artistic vision.
PREMIUM MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from robust metal alloy, the pendant bezels exhibit a lustrous finish with silver and bronze electroplating for enduring elegance. Complemented by a high-quality, flexible silicone mold, these epoxy resin molds promises longevity and ease of use for repeated crafting sessions.
COMPREHENSIVE KIT CONTENTS: This well-appointed jewelry making kit includes 6 each of silver round, silver square, bronze heart, bronze teardrop, and bronze oval pendant trays, neatly organized in a transparent case for effortless storage and retrieval, unlocking endless possibilities for your jewelry making pursuits.
DIY CRAFTING EXCELLENCE: Unleash your creative potential with silicone resin jewelry casting molds multipurpose tools suited perfectly for producing unique earrings, necklaces, pendants, and more. A splendid avenue to craft personalized gifts or engage in a fun-filled jewelry making adventure with friends.
INSPIRE AND PERSONALIZE: Seize this opportunity to manifest your distinctive jewelry designs, crafting memorable, handcrafted gifts that resonate with affection for birthdays and festive occasions. Your artistry will not just create accessories but will forge lasting impressions.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 2.54 × 20.32 cm


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