21×14 inch Mdf Base For Name Plate

  • Brand : Resin Art Studio
  • Instagram /Facebook : Artaddiction17
  • thickness :5mm
  • Material : Wood Mdf


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  • You can create your own dream Geode shape Art. Give as gifts or keep for yourself. It is eligible for epoxy resin, acrylic, oil painting.
  • Geode Agate shape perfect to create a display of geode agate resin art pieces or your imagination is the limit!
  • 6 mm strong Wood base. Perfect for cut of stone art, Wall art Framing and hanging. A cut of a stone can serve as a wall decor, an interior item, This Modern interior will become a bright stylish accent in your interior.
  • Surprise your guests and Friends with an absolutely incredible, one-of-kind Art Set in geode style! Makes a great gift for those who love to entertain!
Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 55.88 × 5.08 × 40.64 cm


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