Cloud Shape Mdf ( 9×12 inch )

  • Brand : Resin Art Studio
  • Instagram/Facebook : @artaddiction17
  • Material : Mdf Base
  • Size : 12×9 inch


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  1. The MDF Cloud cutout fridge magnets offer premium high-quality, smooth, finished MDF plain surface cutouts.
  2. Extremely durable and ideal for any DIY art and craft project.
  3. Artwork suits the base: Acrylic and oil painting, resin pouring, dot mandalas, alcohol ink art, and other do-it-yourself projects.
  4. MDF Cloud cutouts refrigerator magnet are suitable for decoupage activities for kids, artists, custom art creators, and instructors.
  5. These fridge magnet painting base MDF cutouts make an excellent Diwali gift for craft enthusiasts, kids, and adults who enjoy working on DIY projects.


  1. Brand : Resin Art Studio
  2. Instagram/Facebook: @artaddiction17
  3. Material : Mdf Base
  4. Size : 12×9 inch


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